Final weekend tae full in oor survey

A guid nummer o fowk hae awready duin the survey on hoo thay see the Future of Scots. But, this is the final weekend fir survey repones. So gin ye haena duin it yet, an ye hae 5–10 meenits free this weekend, we’d be awfy thankfu gin ye cuid full it in.

Efter ye hae duin it, mind an speir at friens an faimily tae dae it an aw!

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Hoo dae ye see the Future of Scots? Click here tae full in oor survey

Survey deadline: 23:59pm oan Sunday 28th Februar 2021

Scots: Jist fir Burns Nicht?

Ilka year the 25th Januar merks the warlwide celebration o the warks o Rabbie Burns, the maist weel kent o aa screivers in the Scots leid. Bit in the cauld Januar morn o the nicht afore, whit is the future o Scots?

 Ower the coorse o 2021 a new collaborative projeck heidit bi the University of Glasgow an supportit bi the Royal Society of Edinburgh is ettlin at finnin a repone tae thon important speirin. Whiles mair nor 1.5 milion fowk in Scotland yaise or hae some kennin o Scots, thair’s nae coherent research agendae oan leid policy an plannin fir the leid.

The University of Glasgow haes pairtnert wi Oor Vyce an Education Scotland fir tae gaither thegither the vyces o sindry fowk fae a braid rynge o backgroons thit wad lik tae mak positive chynge fir the Scots leid. The research will gaither ideas fae the public, examine thaim in mair detail at stakehaudder warkshoaps, an tak thaim tae a final symposium thit cin big up consensus oan the future o Scots.

Fir tae set the agendae, we’r speirin fowk fae ower Scotland (whither Scots spikkers or no) gin they’ll tak 5–10 meenits tae share hoo they thaimsels see the future o Scots.